Friday, May 22, 2015

Better Cycling: Sharing the Trail

Since the path can be congested it’s important to follow the same rules as everyone else in order to have a safe and enjoyable time.
•    Be courteous
•    Know the rules of the trail you are using
•    Give a clear signal when passing
•    Be cautious and yield to crossing traffic
•    Always be predictable by riding in a straight line
•    If you are riding while it is dark, be sure to use lights
•    Only use half the width of the trail
•    Keep it clean

_________________________________________________________________________________Taken from the League of American Bicyclist's website:  bikeleague.org/content/sharing-trail

Friday, May 15, 2015

Better Cycling: Traffic Laws

In all 50 states, people on bikes are required to follow the same laws as other drivers.
Here are a few key principles that underpin all US traffic laws:

  • First Come, First Served
Everyone on the road is entitled to the lane width they need. This includes the space behind, to each side and the space in front. If you want to use someone else’s space you must yield to whoever is using it.

  • Ride on the Right
In the United States, everyone must drive on the right-hand side of the roadway.

  • Yielding to Crossing Traffic
When you come to an intersection, if you don’t have the right of way, you must yield.

  • Yielding when Changing Lanes
If you want to change lanes, you must yield to traffic that is in your new lane of travel.

  • Speed Positioning
The slowest vehicles on the road should be the furthest to the right. Where you position yourself on the road depends on the location of any parked cars, your speed, and your destination. Always pass on the left.

  • Lane Positioning 
Bikes can share the same lane with other drivers. If a lane is wide enough to share with another vehicle (about 14 feet), ride three feet to the right of traffic. If the lane is not wide enough to share, “take the lane” by riding in the middle.

  • Intersection positioning
When there is a lane that is used for more than one direction, use the rightmost lane going in the direction you are traveling.

  • Follow all street signs, signals, and markings

Drive your bike as you would any vehicle.
Taken from the League of American Bicyclist's website:  bikeleague.org/content/traffic-laws

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grovers Creek Preserve

North Kitsap Trail Association is kicking off a crowd funding campaign to purchase 270 acres of the Grovers Creek Preserve.
Donating to the campaign completes two major goals

  1. preservation of valuable wetland
  2. securing an east-west path for the Sound to the Olympics Trail.  

Head over to kitsapmtb.com for more details and a great movie!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Better Cycling: Intersection Positioning

Since most crashes happen at intersections, be sure to reduce your risk by being visible, positioning yourself clearly on the road, and making eye contact with other drivers.
When you are coming up to a multi-lane intersection, you will want to be in the right-most lane that is traveling in the direction you are going. Where you are within the lane depends on the intersection.

Taken from the League of American Bicyclist's website:  bikeleague.org/content/intersection-positioning