be loud

be loud

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Moving into Fall

The summer was fast and furious here at The Broken Spoke. We hope everyone had a safe and fun summer. But don't think that riding stops when the clouds appear. Fall and winter have some of the best riding conditions we could ever ask for.

You can try some of these great trail conditions at this fall's Trek Bike Demo. Mark your calendar for October 11th from 9-5 at Anderson Lake state park! Our Trek rep will have the demo trailer full of bicycles to test ride!! If you missed it last year, or can't decide what wheels you need for next year then this is the event for you. Road and Mountain demos will be available. Please note, you need a parking pass. The event is free otherwise.

Next on the agenda. If you may or may not know, Nicole and Pete are having another child. The baby is due in mid November.  If you absolutely love speaking with Pete when you come into the bike shop... bring in your bicycles now and throughout October. Pete will have a "here and there" type of schedule in November and into December.  Jacob and the rest of the crew will be running the day to day show. If you have a need during that time and only Pete will do please e-mail the shop and an appointment will be coordinated.

Finally when the colors of the trees change so do our shop hours. Starting October 1st we resume winter hours the only change to remember is we open 1 hour later Monday -Saturday.

Keeping you on your bike,
The Broken Spoke crew

P.S. Friendly reminder to always lock your bike(s)!! Numerous bikes have been reported to the bike shop as stolen recently and over the summer.  What a tragedy! Take a moment to prepare for this unforeseen disaster by taking a picture, writing down the serial number and a brief description of your bicycle. This will help when all you want to do is morn the loss of your beloved steed.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Join downtown in the annual sidewalk sale

End of season sale!

 Stock up for school... 
get a head start on the next race season... 
or just make off with some great end of season deals.

See you for our sidewalk sale.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Secret to biking in your skirt!

Ever throw on a skirt and wish you could bike in it? After all, skirts are way, way comfier and less confining than pants. But with the breezes caressing your face and hair, odds are your skirt will catch a lift as well, meaning — eek — a parachute of unintended exposure.
Penny In Yo Pants from Johanna Holtan on Vimeo.

So how can you avoid this while biking in your favorite liberating skirt? Put a Penny in Yo’ Skirt. All in takes is a penny or similar object, a rubber band, and a skirt! With the penny at the back of the skirt, push it forward, through your legs, so that it is wrapped with both the front and back fabrics of the skirt. Twist the fabric around it to make a sort of button, and wrap the rubber band to secure. It’s that easy! Now, go enjoy an entirely new world of skirt freedom without fear of public indecency! Or, watch the awesome “Penny in Yo’ Skirt” video above.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Port Gamble news

Straight from the North Kitsap Trail Association's July newsletter:

Kitsap County applies for 3 Port Gamble Trails grants

"NKTA is working closely with Kitsap County and County staff to help with three applications for state and federal grants to acquire Port Gamble land for trails. This spring 35 community members from 17 organizations helped create the Conceptual Site Plan for Port Gamble Trails in a series of three workshops. Thanks to all of those who participated and our professional volunteers (Wenzlau Architects, Fischer-Bauma , Sean Parker & Doug Maraist) ! You can find the "Conceptual Plan" and the accompanying goals online.

Kitsap County is already using that work to seek grant funds. One of the grants is focused on acquiring the Sound to Olympics Trail corridor and the other two are to buy land on the Babcock ridge for a 200 acre Mountain Bike Ride Park. Our partners, West Sound Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA) plan to invest lots of volunteer hours to turn that dream into reality. Providing the right location for the most active recreation (further away from sensitive areas) is a goal that many of our partners support. Our community rallied around this grant effort and we were able to get 26 letters of support, including Washington Bikes, Congressman Kilmer, Senator Rolfes, Representatives Hansen and Appleton, Visit Kitsap, Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, Kitsap Audubon, Kitsap Public Health district, all our local bike organizations and partners in Poulsbo, Kingston, Suquamish, Bainbridge and the non-profit community.

Special thanks to Kitsap County and the land owner, Pope Resources who have given us this next opportunity. County Commissioners Gelder, Streissguth and Garrido, plus Parks Director Dunwiddie all supported the grant effort and put their stellar staff to work on the project. The grants have been submitted, presentations will happen in August and the projects will be ranked this fall. We won't know the final outcome until mid 2015, after the state budget is approved. Read Commissioner Gelder's article on the Ride Park projects.

It's important to remember, even if all 3 grants succeed, we still have a LONG way to go. The great majority of the Port Gamble trails and land still have no identified funding source. With 534 acres of the shoreline in County ownership, the County now owns about 14% of the Port Gamble land and trails. If we are successful with all three of these next grants, we'll have secured trail access to just under 30% of the Port Gamble trail network."

See more at:  northkitsaptrails.org