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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mountain Bike Racers Representing Port Townsend & Chimacum

Our high school Olympic Mountain Bike Team (OMBT) the Killer Whales had a great race yesterday! The team swept the podiums and held their teams' lead as 1st in the state. We are so proud of all the racers for doing such a great job. Keep pedaling strong!

 Riley Fukano-2nd
Sage Brennan-3rd

Mazy Braden-2nd
Camille Ottaway-3rd

 Cassie Ross-1st

Milo Steimle-2nd

Luca Freier- 2nd

 Calvin Leckenby-1st
David Hoglund-2nd
Groves Moore-3rd

 Andrew Hull-2nd
Oliver Parish-4th
Eli Biskup-5th

Killer Whales-1st!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

NW Cup at Dry Hill & Killer Whales, round 2

This weekend is when all the downhill mountain biker professionals come to play. If you have an opportunity to head to Port Angeles this weekend to cheer on The Broken Spoke  Racing team, you won't be disappointed. It is an exhilarating event to watch! Here is the event schedule for the weekend:

Saturday April 27thRegistration8am-2pm

Cat 1 & Cat 2 Practice, (No Junior Expert)9am-12pm

Pro, Junior Cat 1, & Cat 3 Practice12pm-3pm

Pro/Junior Cat 1 Seeding3:30pm
Sunday April 28thPractice (One Run Only!!!)8am-9:30am

Racing, all categories10am-Done!!!!

AwardsAfter racing

Along with that event, our high school Olympic Mountain Bike Team (OMBT) the Killer Whales are racing their second race this Sunday. Send out some good vibes to the team to pedal their little hearts out. They are 1st in the state right now! Keep up the good work, guys and gals!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

National Bike to School Day to be Celebrated in Port Townsend on May 8th

The first-ever national Bike to School Day took place last year, in coordination with League of American Bicyclists' National Bike Month. Almost 1,000 local school events in 49 states and the District of Columbia (including all schools in Port Townsend) registered on the events page at the National Center for Safe Routes to School website to encourage parents and children to bicycle or walk to school.

National Bike to School Day will be held on Wednesday, May 8,

All parents of grade-school aged students are encouraged to bicycle (or walk) with their children to and from school on Bike to School Day. Middle-school aged students more often walk or bike to school on their own or with friends and neighbors. Port Townsend High school students have participated in the national Bike to School Day in large numbers, turning their school courtyard into a bike corral.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride Field Trip Planned May 2nd

Hey Thursday night riders, mark your calenders! 

We are planning a field trip Thursday, May 2nd to head to Port Gamble to ride the course for the 24 hour race we are hosting in June along with the other amazing trails there. Pack your lights, water, snacks for riding, proper clothes for the weather (or change of weather), and a dinner. Let us know if you are planning on coming and we will try to work out a carpool for everyone. We will leave the shop between 5:00-5:30pm so that we have plenty of time to ride. Hope to see you all there!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

 What a beautiful day to get out and enjoy Earth Day on your bike! 
Send us some photos of you and your family out enjoying the wonderful place we live in!
Ladies, don't forget about the mountain bike ride tonight! Meet up at the shop just before 6pm. Bring some water and a snack if you need it. We will be out riding the trails for about 2 hours.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Importance of Trail Maintenance

Here in Port Townsend, we are fortunate to have our public trail system. There is over 35 miles of singletrack, or public multi-use trails, available to all. It is important as a user of the trails to help keep them maintained. That can mean anything from carrying a saw to cut and move fallen trees, to brushing little sticks to the side of the trail. There are a lot of resources available both on the web and in books to learn more about building and maintaining multi-use trails. Below is a couple of articles found on International Mountain Bicycling Association's website. Keep your eye out for opportunities to volunteer for local trail maintenance days. Let's keep our trails riding smoothly.

Designing and Building Sustainable Trails

2006 IMBA Summit/World Mountain Bike Conference
2006 World Summit Resource: Building Sustainable Trails
Speakers: Rich Edwards, IMBA; Woody Keen, Trail Dynamics; Tony Boone, Arrowhead Trails Facilitators: Kristin Butcher and Ryan Schutz, IMBA
The speakers, all master trailbuilders, began by offering three goals they all strive for when designing and building trails: 1) limit environmental impacts; 2) keep maintenance requirements to a minimum; 3) avoid user conflicts.
They continued by offering a checklist for building sustainable contour trails. A contour trail is a path that gently traverses a hill or sideslope. It's characterized by a gentle grade, undulations called grade reversals, and a tread that usually tilts or outslopes slightly toward the outer edge. These features minimize tread erosion by allowing water to drain in a gentle, non-erosive manner called sheet flow. When water drains in thin, dispersed sheets, dirt stays where it belongs - on the trail.

Contour Trail Tips:

  1. Do everything you can to keep the water off the tread, and users on it
  2. Build on the contour and use frequent grade reversals - surf the hillside
  3. Follow the half-rule: A trail's grade shouldn't exceed half the grade of the sideslope
  4. Maximum grade should be 15 percent (except for natural or built rock structures)
  5. Average grade should stay under 10 percent (with grade reversals)
  6. Route trails to positive control points (viewpoints, water, other attractions)
  7. Use bench-cut construction, and excavate soil from the hillside
  8. For reroutes, reclaim old trail thoroughly - the visual corridor as well as the trail tread
  9. For highly technical trails where grade will sometimes exceed 15 percent, use natural rock, rock armoring or other rock features to add challenge and improve sustainability.

Two Critical Trailbuilding Tips

  1. Avoid the Fall Line
    Fall-line trails usually follow the shortest route down a hill - the same path that water flows. The problem with fall-line trails is that they focus water down their length. The speeding water strips the trail of soil, exposing roots, creating gullies, and scarring the environment.
  2. Avoid Flat Areas
    Flat terrain lures many trailbuilders with the initial ease of trail construction. However, if a trail is not located on a slope, there is the potential for the trail to become a collection basin for water. The trail tread must always be slightly higher than the ground on at least one side of it so that water can drain properly.

An ideal trail will simultaneously incorporate all five sustainable trail principles.

  1. The Half Rule
  2. The 10-Percent Average Guideline
  3. Maximum Sustainable Grade
  4. Grade Reversals
  5. Outslope
IMBA's books offer our most comprehensive advice on trail building and other topics. Consider picking up copies of Trail Solutions: IMBA's Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack and Managing Mountain Biking: IMBA's Guide to Providing Sweet Riding at IMBA's online store.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday night Womens rides

Attention all women cyclists,

Our weekly ride is Monday nights at 6pm.

We'll meet at the shop.
We'll stay as a group and enjoy the camaraderie.
All females of all ages and abilities welcome.
Normally an off road ride, we'll do a few road rides if there is interest. 

April 22nd (next week) is our first ride of the season.

See you there.
digital print found here:

PT Racers Rocking the Budu

Congrats to our Port Townsend mountain bike racers who, once again, proudly represented Port Townsend on the podiums for the Budu Singletrack Cycles West Side Mountain Bike Series -race #6.

Garth Gourley placed 2nd in his division.

Margaret Gourley placed 2nd in her division

Milo Steile placed 2nd and Joseph Tweiten placed 3rd in their division.

Cassie Ross placed 1st in her division, and Collin Jacobson placed 2nd in his division. 

Way to go Broken Spoke team and other awesome Port Townsend mountain bikers! Here are some action shots from the race.

 Cassie Ross starting out strong.

Joseph and Milo running beside Cassie cheering her up the hill!
That's teamwork!

Below left: Milo shredding the gnar. Below right: Garth in the zone during the hill climb.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Get Ready to Ride

The skate section has been revamped for the spring season. You can go ride some smooth carves on the new Mindstate or Axis, bust out the tricktionary on a new Woody, or build up a new Whiskey deck that is off the hook. Come check out all the new decks and long boards from Arbor!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mountain Bikers Representing Port Townsend!!

This last weekend was a busy one for the Port Townsend Mountain biking crew! Members of The Broken Spoke Racing Team were passionately present at both the Northwest Cup 1 Downhill race and the Budu 5 Cross Country race this past soggy Sunday. In the Northwest Cup race, Jason Queen placed 9th in Cat 1, Paul Schmierer placed 18th in Cat 2. In the Budu race, Garth Gourley placed 2nd in his category, Margaret Gourley placed 1st in her category. 
Way to go Broken Spoke Team!


They weren’t the only ones having fun in the mud! Our High School Olympic Mountain Bike Team (OMBT) the Killer Whales swept the podiums at their first race of the season. The team is in 1st place in the state! 
Here are the results:

Camille-1st  Milo-2nd         Luka-3rd          Miguel and Mazy had mechanicals pop up and finished strong!
Groves-1st  Oliver-2nd       Andy-3rd          Eli, Jake, and Jack had solid races as well. We are very proud
Joseph-1st  Annalise-2nd    Joel-5th             of the whole team. Way to go guys!!!!!


Monday, April 1, 2013


Northwest Cup is going into it's 6th year of the downhill mountain bike race series. The first 3 of 7 rounds are held at Dry Hill in Port Angles, WA. Dry Hill has a large network of downhill trails developed over the past 15 years. The road is gated except for race days, but trails are open for pushing /pedaling up. There are great trails for all skill levels.Round 1 will be held April 5-7. It's a fun event to participate in and also to watch.