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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Olympic Discovery Trail update

Olympic National Park will release its Environmental Assessment for the ODT phase 2 project (along the Spruce Railroad Trail on the north shore of Lake Crescent) in 3 weeks, on or about Sept 15. The Park will schedule a public information meeting the week of Sept. 19.

The Park's Preferred Alternative is to reopen both Spruce RR tunnels and construct a trail 10 feet wide, with 6 ft paved and 4 ft gravel, surfaces. The trail will not be completely ADA-compliant because of a section of steep grade just west of the Lyre River bridge climbing up to the roadbed, above private property occupying the railroad grade itself.

There will be a 30-day public comment period. It'll be important for everyone interested in seeing the trail improved for stock and bike use to weigh in. Last year's scoping meetings found a degree of sentiment for a "No Action" alternative to leave the current Spruce RR Trail, including the rough, narrow paths around the tunnels, as is.

**Let us stay informed and get to that public information meeting. Possible carpool set up, email if interested.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wed 24th MTB ride

Garth, a member of the team and an avid cyclist, has invited everyone on a group ride tomorrow night, Wednesday the 24th.
"Thinking of doing a group ride around Cappy's and neighboring areas on Wednesday, leaving from my house. Got a route planned that is very XC, though I might throw in "Stu's Trail" at the end as the optional happy ending. Pace will be medium. Bring your favorite beverage for post ride bliss. We'll plan on meeting around 6:30pm. I could also be convinced to fire up the grill for a You Kill it We Grill It. I know there is a PTBA board meeting that night, but those attending can come by afterword for a post meeting bevy."
Email the shop to get a hold of Garth's information if you're interested in joining.
Have a great mountain bike ride!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunday the 21st.

The Women's ride was a great success. Thank you ladies. PS if you couldn't make it, email me and I'll get you invited out on the next ride... whether or not it's the monthly rides!

Nicole and a few others (guys and gals!) will be riding at Anderson Lake on this Sunday starting at 11am. We'll meet at the front gate. Anyone and everyone welcome. If we get a large group, we'll split into expertise levels, if not, we will go from there.
See you out there!

Monday, August 15, 2011


It's the 16th already.
I haven't received any requests for the carpool. So I'll meet you all at Anderson Lake! 6pm at the front gate. I know Katie and Karen will be riding with me... I wonder if more... :)


Airplanes and Bicycles

News from the League of American Bicyclists:

Bikes Fly Free with Frontier Airlines
Cyclists taking their bikes as checked baggage in recent years have faced ever-escalating fees and charges from every airline - sadly, a far cry from the days when League membership enabled you to avoid any such fees. So for once, for those of you who fly Frontier, there is good news! Frontier has removed the flat fee for checked bicycles and will now include them in the standard baggage allowance, meaning customers traveling on Classic or Classic Plus fares can include their bike as one of their two complimentary checked bags and Economy passengers would pay $20 if the bike is one of their first two checked bags. Read more about the rules on

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Women's MTB Ride

Thanks ladies for our successful last few mountain bike rides! Lets have another! The 16th is just a few days away.... here are the details:
Tuesday night August 16th at 6pm.
Anderson Lake State Park
Stop in at our shop (prior to the day before) or email to reserve your place in the carpool. Otherwise we'll meet you at the entrance parking lot. I do not own a Discover Parks Pass yet, and I've heard of pull out back a ways on Anderson Lake road... I'll be parking there with the carpool and meeting everyone at Anderson's entrance.
Remember water, a snack, head and tail lights. Plan on just around two hours.
This will be a good one!