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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ride up date....

So, if you just crawled out from under the rock that I road over on the trail today, this is a friendly reminder that the first of the Lost in the Woods series races is August 22nd at Gibbs Lake County Park. Locals need to represent and do us at the shop proud. The course is looking buff and as fast as I have ever seen it. We will be flagging this week so you will not get lost.

Next on the agenda. Labor Day we will be partaking in a large, Huge, okay massive ride. The final plans for the route are as follows we are only doing the Log Cabin Camp to Spruce RR to Muller to FS RD 3040 to Sadie Creek Ridge to Log Cabin Camp. This will be in the ball park of 50 miles. The hope is to do this at a slow pace and if you are saying to yourself I cant ride up Mount Muller, well neither can I so come hike-a-bike with me. There will be more info to come as we get closer to the ride. So stay tuned

Enjoy the sun while it is out.
The Broken Spoke Staff