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Thursday, August 26, 2010

"On the Road to Shambala", a beautiful bicycle touring story: Sat, Sept 18th, 7 pm

The Broken Spoke and Jefferson Trails Coalition are pleased to host two amazing speakers, Bob and Claire, on Saturday September 18th at 7pm. $5 for tickets, proceeds go to building the Olympic Discovery Trail. Limited seats, please purchase early! $7 at the door.

Here is an excerpt from Claire:
"How appropriate that the term Shambala comes from roots of the Sanskrit words for self powered, or self propelled, just like a bicycle.

We continue to be self-fulfilled by being self powered. We’ve made a pact with each other that, for as long as we can, we’ll visit new lands first by bicycle. The experience of a place slowly revealing itself, at the speed of butterflies, is extremely rewarding.

Did we find our Shambala? Yes, in the Zen of our tandem’s spinning wheels. Whether you spell it, Shangri-la, shan-ge-li-la, Xiangbala, or Shambala, it’s all about the journey. Shambala is whenever you’re out there living it.

Today, Shambala has come to mean peace, tranquility or happiness — may you find your Shambala as well."

Please join us for a fund-raising multi-media presentation of our travels in Port Townsend at the Broken Spoke, 835 Water Street, on Saturday September 18 at 7:00 p.m. Proceeds will go toward building the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Bob and Claire Rogers celebrated 40,000 cumulative miles of tandem touring on this tour and have no plans to hang up the bike any time soon; They’re open to suggestions: visit their website at