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Friday, April 15, 2011

Broken Spoke Racing

I know that this is no longer new news, and that anyone who gets the PT Leader has already read about Broken Spoke Racing a little. Well for those who don't get the paper here you go.

Broken Spoke Racing participated the NW Cup Series first of five downhill races for this season on April 7th-10th. These races are being put on by N-Dub productions out of Port Angales Washington. The team was there in full force and ready to give it everything they had.

Here are the stats and some pictures from this weekend to wet your appetite:

Cat I Men’s age 19-29:

31. – Richards, Nolan 336 Broken Spoke Racing 00:03:31.31

Cat II Men’s age 15-18:

14. – Davis, Mitch 167 Broken Spoke Racing 00:03:24.05

Cat II Men’s age 30-39:

6. – Schmierer, Paul 245 Broken Spoke Racing 00:03:12.96

10. – Sexton, Pete 107 – Broken Spoke Racing 00:03:16.59

16. – Gourley, Garth 251 Broken Spoke Racing 00:03:24.74

20. – Cardozo, Nate 248 The Broken Spoke 00:03:28.14

Cat II Men’s age 40-49:

12. – Shaver, Jim 252 Broken Spoke Racing 00:03:34.71

Cat II Women’s Open:

13. – Davis, Ann 168 Broken Spoke Racing 00:04:12.42

Cat III Women’s Open:

1. – Sork, Margaret 233 The Broken Spoke 00:04:34.98

You can see more photos and information by checking out these other links.