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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whistle Lake Trip

The girls and Jacob during our lunch break.
Taking advantage of our Wednesday off the shop crew and friends ventured out for a little biking fun. Braving the gusting winds we caught the ferry and headed up Whidbey Island to Whistle Lake near Anacortes. Whistle Lake is one of three lakes in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands. A network of single and double track encircles the lake and can be connected to the other lakes to make for a longer ride.

We decided to loop Whistle Lake clockwise, climbing Mt. Erie, the highest point at 1,278 ft, along the way. This route climbed up to Mt. Erie in a series of rolling climbs, with a few grunts and hike bikes. Summiting Mt Erie we reveled in a swooping, flowy descent. Grunting back up the side of Sugarloaf, the second highest point in the area, we finished with another blasting descent back to the parking lot and car. We finished up the day with tasty beverages and food at the Brown Lantern in Anacortes. 

Our fearless leader aka "Rocket".

Some hike a bike.
The crew.
The lake and picking our route.

Jacob being "extreme".