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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What to do if your bicycle is stolen :(

Keep your bicycle secure!

What to do to keep your lovely bicycle in your hands, and what to do if it gets stolen:

Firstly, I want everyone to go home and write down the make, model, color and serial number of each and everyone of your fleet. The make and model are the company, style and year of your bicycle this information is usually written in the form of a decal on the frame tubing. The serial number is typically found on the bottom bracket (the tube between the cranks of the bike). If you are really good, take a photo. Store all this information in a safe place.

Secondly, use a bicycle lock! They range in price and are well worth the investment. Park your bike in safe areas that are well lit and well traveled in an attempt to make it harder to steal your bicycle.

Thirdly, if your bike is stolen, find the information you have about your bicycle and call the Police, (360) 385-2322, and request to file a "stolen bicycle report" also called "Citizen Self Report Form".

This is the link for it: The crime reported must have been committed within city limits and the bike must be valued at less than $750. We are currently unclear as to what to do if your bike is valued at more than $750.01, but understand that a police department member would work with you in this scenario. In this form they will ask for all of the information you have. If you haven't stored the serial number any where there is no proof that you own the bike.

Please note, many good quality bicycle shops store this information for you when you FIRST purchase a bicycle from them.
Secondly, contact your local shops and spread the word (friend circles, Craigslist, cycling groups, etc) so more citizens are aware and hopefully looking out for your precious steed!

~The Broken Spoke Staff