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Monday, June 25, 2012

Next Section of LSMT

  As construction will begin soon on the S. Discovery Rd. to Milo-Curry Rd. section of the Larry Scott trail (LSMT), Jeff County Public Works has sent out the following notice: 

"This week a survey crew has been working on the site of the current trail project, between S. Discovery Road and Milo Curry Road.  Surveyors have set staking and flagging in advance of bidding and construction.  It is important that all of the staking remains in position during the months ahead.  For that reason, we are reminding the public that the trail right-of-way is not open for public use until after construction is completed in the fall.  Each end of the site has been posted accordingly."
   Please comply with this request, so that work can proceed smoothly. 
   Thank you all.