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Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School!

It's almost the start of the next school year. At The Broken Spoke we want to help you succeed in cycling to school; whether your goal is twice (both National Bike to School Days), once a month, or as often as possible. We also want you and your bike to be safe! Here are a few short informational images to boost your Bicycle Safety knowledge:

There have been a fair amount of bikes stolen in the last few months. The police have found a few, but it would be a good idea to lock up your bike!
If you do not have a bike lock it might be time to invest in one!

It is required by Jefferson county to have a headlight and a rear reflector. It is a good idea to have both front and rear lights so you can be seen easier by drivers, even if you do not bike at night.

 Make sure your helmet fits and is in good working condition!

Here is a short list of reasons to invest in a new helmet:
  • if it is older than 5 years
  • if the straps are fraying
  • if it is cracked
  • if it has been in a crash
To learn more about your helmet, check out the manufactures website, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website: , or the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institutes' website :

October 3rd is our next National Walk to School day! It's only 37 days away, so start planning your safe route from home to school! Check out I Walk to School Day and Bike to School Day Organizations' website to help you map out the best route and to learn more!
biking photo

Save the date!!! National Bike to School Day is  May 8, 2013!