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Friday, November 2, 2012

Maintaining Our Beloved Larry Scott Trail and the Singletrack Around It

 "The Larry Scott Trail", An acrylic painting done by Larry Eifert

The Buckhorn Range Chapter work party this month will be on another important project, brushing the “horse” trail along the Larry Scott Memorial Trail.

We will be brushing the section of trail between Thomas Street (by the Mill)  and the SR20 overpass.   We will be meeting at 10am where the trail crosses Mill Road (turn by the Honda shop when coming into Port Townsend).   There are several places to park along Mill Road by the trail crossing, including by the dead fish head (which hopefully will be gone soon).    Be wary of chip trucks going to and coming from the paper mill.

Brush cutters/weed whackers and clippers are needed.   We will be working in both directions from Mill Road.   PLEASE try to be at the Mill Road trail intersection meeting site at 10AM on Saturday November 3rd.   Workers need to be available for a small safety meeting, and once we spread out and start work, really late comers may not have much idea of where we are working.   Remember gloves and boots.

Let's get out there and help keep our local trails as pristine and we want them to be.