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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Larry Scott Trail work party!! June 1, 10am

Summertime, and the livin' is easy -- especially on the the Larry Scott Trail on a beautiful day, where the nettles are as high as an elephant's eye!  
To celebrate National Trails Day (June 1st), please consider giving a couple of hours to help beat back the spring brush growth on this great trail that we all know and love so much.  Meet at 10am, for as little or as much as you can (a couple hours).

Most of the work is related to the secondary trail, affectionately known as the “horse trail” but also the off-leash dog trail, runner trail, and “this is nice” trail.   The LSMT is under the ownership and management of Jefferson County.

The work entails brushing back the assorted vegetation, both invasives and naturals, that persistently close in from the trail shoulders.   We need string trimmer operators and clippers.   This is a community work party to show how much we appreciate having the trail.

There will be a safety meeting and sign up at Mill Road where the LSMT crosses this road at 10 am.   If coming into Port Townsend from the south, turn right on Mill Road at the light by the Honda dealer and Welcome to Port Townsend sign.  We will be parked about 1000’ feet down the road from the intersection.  If we have time we will be starting the construction of a new segment of the horse trail near the Milo Curry trailhead.
This work party is posted on the American Hiking Society website as a National Trails Day event in Washington State.

Wear good gloves and shoes/boots.   All power operators need to wear property head and hearing protection.  We have 3 trimmers/brush cutters.    If you have your own, please bring it.

Thank you,
Jeff Chapman,
Work Projects Coordinator,
Buckhorn Range Chapter,
Back Country Horsemen of Washington 360-301-9156