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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bring a Friend: Tomorrow is Bike To Work Day!

Pop quiz: What's the fastest growing commute mode in the United States?


While those of us who bike to work are still a small segment of the population, our ranks are growing quickly: 61% over the past decade alone. Clarity on who is riding and where also took shape last week with a report by the Census Bureau. And tomorrow, we'll see that on the streets of hundreds of communities as we celebrate National Bike to Work Day.

We know that the many creative events being held nationwide are encouraging more people of all ages and abilities to get in the saddle. We also know that increase in ridership is strongest in Bicycle Friendly Communities -- a list that grew to more than 300 with our latest announcement  just yesterday.

So get out and ride tomorrow -- and share what's going on in your community by posting your pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #btwd2014 and tag @bikeleague.  (Click here to download the infographic above!)