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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Keeping your bike clean

If you’re going to ride your bike this time of year, odds are you’re going to get wet and muddy. So is your bike. While you wouldn’t think of throwing your clothes back in the drawer without washing them (we hope!), do you clean your bike before you put it away?

Bikes can handle a lot of weather. After all, they’re mechanical devices made for outdoor use. But they’ll handle it much better with some basic care from you. After each ride, take a few minutes to:

* gently rinse with a hose (no pressure), or wipe off with a wet cloth, mud and grime from the frame, underside of the saddle, rear derailleur, cassette, crankarms, pedals, handlebar, cables, rims, and tires … go top to bottom

* wipe dry the frame, saddle, brake pads and rotors, and cables

* clean and lube the chain

* check your tires for thorns, glass fragments, and other debris

Your bike will reward you with fewer repair surprises!