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Friday, June 24, 2016

Larry Scott Memorial Trail

We’re fortunate to live in an area with abundant cycling opportunities. One local favorite here in Port Townsend is the Larry Scott Memorial Trail (LSMT). Three trailheads provide access and vehicle parking. The Port Townsend Boat Haven Trailhead marks one end of the trail and the Milo Curry Trailhead off Discovery Road the other, with the Cape George Trailhead off Cape George Road in the middle. End to end, the LSMT provides 7.3 miles of traffic-free riding with limited road crossings.

The hardpack gravel surface of the LSMT is smoother than many chipseal roads, making for a pleasant ride for all types of tires, with asphalt pavement along the Highway 20 underpass segment of the trail. The gentle grade makes the LSMT a great ride for cyclists of all skill levels, with a few areas of moderate grade to let you test your spin. Walkers, runners, and horseback riders also use the trail. Milepost markers tell you how far you've gone in half-mile increments and signposts keep you on the trail at points of access. Trailhead kiosks feature maps and information.

See these two sites for other information: