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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just Around the Corner

It may be winter still, but spring is just around the corner! Start preparing for the season and gear up to do the Chilly Hilly fundraiser ride on Sunday, February 24th!

The Chilly Hilly is a 33 mile ride around Bainbridge Island with over 2,675 feet of hill climbing. The Chilly Hilly ride is a fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club and more than ten other Bainbridge Island charity groups.
It has even been named "One of Four Classic Rides" in the nation by Bicycling Magazine. 
Sounds like a blast! If you need a little reminder that winter is no excuse to stop riding because spring is just around the corner, register for the Chilly Hilly Ride! 
Promised to be hilly, potentially chilly and a great way to kick the cold and bring in the spring season.

Here is a link to the map and below is the elevation of the course to help you prepare for the event.

Chilly Hilly elevation profile