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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Trail etiquette

 This post is in regards to an email we received from the Larry Scott/Olympic Discovery Trail.

Trail users please be mindful of the posted trail user behavior standards and practice them on each of your outings:

1. All users must yield to equestrians. Talk to the rider (and the horse) making them aware of your presence. Please do not use a bike bell or horn. Speak, so that the horse can recognize you as a human. Be mindful of your light and its direction (strobe, location, etc).

2. Bikes can travel at a considerable speed - much greater than any other form of transportation on the trail and above the posted 15 mph speed limit. SLOW DOWN when approaching ANY other user. Be especially mindful of small children.

  3. Always travel to the right and pass on the left and ALWAYS announce yourself! Please slow down when approaching any other trail user. It's only courteous and it's the safe thing to do.

 Regardless of your preferred activity, let's all be safe and respectful of the members of each other user group for the enjoyment of all of us. Thank you.